Vote Crowley, and he will take care of Bieber for you guys.


Vote Crowley, and he will take care of Bieber for you guys.



» Crowley ♔ Fallen angel in disguise?

Enochian » Crowley happens to be quite skilled in Enochian which shows in 5x10, the episode of his first appearance. He protected his whole house from angels. Later, in 7x01, he does the same with his camper van. The only demon we have seen doing this before was Alastair in 4x15, and he was a white-eyed demon.

Reapers » As we know reapers are only visible to people near death or spirits/astral projections. In 5x10 it shows that Castiel is able to see them. Crowley is able to see them as well (5x21) although it’s unknown if all demons can. Alastair could (4x15) and Azazel was even able to possess them.

Teleportation & invisibility » Crowley’s teleportation skills are one of the best we’ve seen so far. It takes him barely a few seconds to find out that Death’s not in the building (5x21). He even got Castiel confused when he suddenly appeared behind him. No demon  has ever escaped the knife by teleporting, they rather use brute force or sometimes their telekinetic skills. Crowley is also the only demon so far who has never changed his vessel or tried to, not even when he was in danger, and the only one who appeared invisible just like Castiel could (6x20). Also, sometimes when he disappears we hear that kind of ‘whoosh’ sound other demons never do. Sign of wings?

Salt » In 5x20 when Dean spreads salt he leaves a gap for Crowley to walk through, later when Bobby shoots him with rock salt he seems unaffected though. Each impure or evil being cannot pass salt and feels incredible pain like as if burnt when in contact (e.g. spirits, demons), which is also proven when Dean tortured Alastair. But all Crowley did was falling over, saying ‘Ouch!’ and he even mentioned it doesn’t affect him. Did he just pretend not being able to cross the line of salt?

Incredible power » In 6x08 Crowley touches Sam’s hand with just his finger, leaving a burn that disappears with a snap. In 5x20 he says he’s going to kill a bunch of demons and returns without a single scratch. In 6x07 he says he could simply resurrect Samuel; resurrection is an ability usually only crossroads (or mightier) demons have when making a deal. Also, Crowley healed Bobby’s legs without it being a part of their deal. Demons usually cannot heal without a deal involved. On another note, he’s in possession of a hellhound bigger than all the others we’ve ‘seen’ in the show.

Pyrokinesis » Crowley is able to control fire, we get to see this in many episodes. He could inflame his fireplace, burn words into a table. In 6x20 he even releases Castiel from the holy fire by snapping his fingers. Also, the trick of his fake death in 7x10 was never revealed, neither by himself nor Castiel. It could’ve been an illusion of Cas, since angels are able to warp reality, but it also might have been Crowley making himself appear burning.

Death’s Scythe » In 5x21 Crowley hands the scythe of Death to the Winchesters in order to kill Death. He says he got it because he’s the king of the crossroads, but last time we saw it was in 4x15 when Alastair had it. Alastair got captured by angels, which means the angels must have been in possession of the scythe. In the gif above you can see that even Castiel is confused.

Angel or not, demon or not, Crowley is one of the mightiest creatures on the show. There’s many little details, such as his fast moving up the ladder and becoming king of the crossroads and then even king of hell. He has never shown his eyes whereas every other demon does that occasionally, and he loathes demons, calling them scum and mentions that Lucifer’s plan to kill the black-eyed maybe wasn’t that bad.

In addition, Crowley always seems to know a lot, not to say everything. He somehow always knows how to help the Winchesters out. In 6x20 he even calls Castiel ‘The Angel of Thursday’ which is the first time ever in the show someone mentions that and it’s quite unusual for a demon to know that. In this episode he also speaks of God in a way no demon has before.


crowley is now my favourite creature on supernatural



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